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Montrose School Yearbook for 2004 to complete our collection. We have all of the rest of them since the first one in 1947.
If anyone has a copy to donate you can drop it off at the museum. We even have some duplicates available for purchase.



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  1. Paul Leavens

    Some years back (around 1993?), I came to your area of Michigan to do genealogical research on Thomas L.L. Brent, his wife Francesca and their children Charlotte and Henry. I believe I met up with Mary Henry who may have been president at the time of your museum and she provided me with many people and places to check out in your area concerning the Brents. Upon returning home, I wrote up a detailed account of the Brents from what I discovered and what happened to their two children who moved to the Buffalo, New York area in late 1860 (where I’m from). I believe I sent a copy of my findings to your museum as well as the one in Flushing and to a college in Flint. My question to you is; do you know of anyone in your area who is working on the Brent family tree? If so, could you give me contact information so I can reach out to them.

    • Joe Follett

      Hello. Thank you for reaching out to us. I will turn this message over to Bonnie Sly, our genealogist, to see what she can find.
      She has done extensive research on many local families and may have information on your Thomas Brent and family.

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