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Yearbook Wanted

Montrose School Yearbook for 2004 to complete our collection. We have all of the rest of them since the first one in 1947.
If anyone has a copy to donate you can drop it off at the museum. We even have some duplicates available for purchase.



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Montrose, Michigan: Montrose Historical and Telephone Pioneer Museum

Michigan’s only telephone museum. Visitors can sit in a phone booth, listen in on a party line, ponder mysterious tech such as the Hush-A-Phone.

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Michigan Has An Entire Museum Dedicated To Telephones And It’s As Awesome As You’d Think

By Sophie Boudreau|Published January 19, 2022 Media

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On a Michigan back roads day trip to Montrose the Telephone Museum is a must see.

Curators love to use terms such as “one of a kind” or “historic” or “incredibly rare” when describing items found in attics or stored in out of the way museums. Sometimes it is true and sometimes it is mostly true. There is a museum that can legitimately use terms like “historic” or “incredibly rare”. The Telephone Museum in Montrose really does have several one of a kind items, extremely rare objects and some of the largest specific category collections in the world. The museum is a town museum, genealogy center and a telephone museum. Yep, it is almost all telephones, but you have never seen anything like this.

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12 unusual Michigan museums you need to visit.
Published: Apr. 27, 2017
By Jessica Shepherd

This was published on the mLive website and is a great little article about our museum.


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